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Hoga stills are highly recommended for gin, rum, and of course brandy,  apple brandy

in the Calvados style;  fresh apple aroma but the smooth flavor of an XO cognac.

Excellent still for whisky distillation well distinguished with several prizes in exigent contests in diversified categories; Corn whiskey, straight bourbon, malt whiskey, contemporary distilled gin, contemporary rectified gin, white rum, overproof rum, fruit infusion liqueur, pisco, so many medals of gold, silver and bronze conquered by our Customers in the last years. Pot still range from 5 liters to 200 liters is classified as non-professional pot still.  Very limited options in accessories and sealing.  Sizes from 5 liters to 30 liters can be sent by air parcel post, while stills between 40 L and 200 L must be shipped airfreight. Sea & Land freight is applied for home delivery to all pot stills between 300 L and 1000 liters.


Micro Distillery
2014 Published