Collected in the best Wine Estates in the heart of the majestic Douro Valley, one of the most stunning wine regions in the entire world, classified as World Heritage by UNESCO, port-wine used barrels, oak barrels used of Porto wine supplied by Hoga Company are the perfect choice to finish spirits. Our Porto used barrel is genuine Porto or Oporto wine used barrel. Absolutely selected one by one and still fresh of Porto wine, each port wine used barrel is placed apart after the wine being transferred to the bottling section. Perfect for Port-finished whiskeys, ageing or smoothing whiskey, rum or giving a precious flavor and aroma to the best brandy label. The Port wood does add more sweetness and a winey richness. Hoga’s Porto Wine Estates Best Barrel Collection is not available to some countries. Subject to a minimum quantity per order, Oporto wine barrels bulk shipments available only twice a year, concretely in June and December. Thank you for your attention!
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